VE BTS Fecondazione - gravidanza 2

The face of a human embryo, 5 weeks.:
Embrione 5 settimane
A 6 week old human embryo.:
embrione 6 settimane

8 week human embryo:
embrione 8 settimane
This  baby is a preemie, she was born at 24 weeks old. Every year 30,000 babies are aborted at exactly this age.
feto 24 settimane nato vivo!!
Photo of baby born via cesarean in the caul (a peek of life inside the womb)  Did you know the chance of being born was one in 200 million ?See what a miracle you are,after 18 days conception the heart begins to beat.
Parto cesareo

Dcda tw:
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